How can I access Tax Notes?

Tax Notes "is a collection of publications by Tax Analysts, a non-profit tax publisher. Tax Notes’ news publications provide comprehensive but impartial coverage of tax news, while Tax Notes’ commentary publications contribute spirited and personable voices to the conversation and debate around the understanding and application of tax policy."

To obtain your Tax Notes and Tax Notes Today user name and password, please follow these directions:

1) Go to and click SIGN IN at the top left.
2) In the e-mail address field, please enter your School of Law e-mail address. Click Next.
3) On the next screen, please click on the blue “Register Here” link.
4) You’ll be taken to a Profile page. Enter your name and School of Law e-mail address.
5) Choose a password and enter it.
6) When you’ve finished the Profile, click SAVE CHANGES.
7) You’ll go to the Tax Notes webpage, where you can sign in with your username (your School of Law e-mail address) and the password you chose.

Please note: some users experience trouble creating an account when connected to the "Northwestern" wireless network. If you do not see a "Register Here" link once you have entered your email address, you may need to create your account using a desktop computer located within the Pritzker Legal Research Center. Computers are available behind the reference desk and within the third floor computer lab. Once you have created a Tax Notes account, though, you will be able to sign in remotely.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

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