How do I find a book in the law library?

If you want to see what books are available in the library, try searching in NUsearch.  NUsearch is the library's discovery search tool for the vast collection of our books, journals, journal and newspaper articles, videos, sound recordings, digital images and more.

When looking at a record in NUSearch, the item record provides 2 relevant pieces of information - 1) the Location Code and 2) the Call Number.

The Location Code is a 3 or 4 letter abbreviation that tells you in what section of library your item can be found.  For example, MON (Rubloff 2nd floor) is the Monograph collection on the 2nd floor and PER (Rubloff 2nd floor) is the Periodicals collection. When you go to that Location, each bookshelf has a sign on the end telling you what Call Numbers can be found on that shelf.  If you have questions about where a Location or Call Number is located, stop by the library circulation desk.

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

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